VINS Nature Camp: Meet the Counselors

By Amanda Charland
Camp Programs Coordinator

Summer camp was one of the most defining events in my life. Without those crafts, songs and activities there’s no doubt I would be a very different person today. Now that I’m older, I understand that camp is more than just activities. At camp, children have a chance to practice decision-making, reinvent themselves in a new social setting, and most importantly, they get to be inspired by their heroes: the camp counselors!

Camp counselors make a camp. It doesn’t matter how cool the activities are or how amazing the curriculum is, in the end it’s the individuals leading the programs that will make all the difference. This summer, VINS has an incredible staff of counselors coming aboard. Every one of them has an intense passion for engaging kids in fun, outdoor learning projects – I couldn’t imagine better role models!

Let me introduce you to three of our counselors.

Hi! I’m KB (photo left) and I’m from North Carolina. Before coming to VINS, I led kids on 2-week, 50-mile backpacking programs on the Appalachian Trail, teaching outdoor skills, camping skills, team building and general ecology. I received my undergrad from Lenoir Rhyne University in Conservation of Natural Resources while also playing for the women’s soccer team. I love being outside, laughing and my favorite color is tie-dye. I’ve recently picked up the guitar and disc golf, and I’m excited to explore Vermont!

Before moving back to his home state of Vermont, Mischa (photo, left) spent a year living in Japan and teaching English to students of all ages. He also administered international development projects focused on energy and environmental management in Washington, D.C., and encouraged the adoption of energy alternatives and energy efficiency practices at a community nonprofit in East Lansing, MI. Mischa enjoys rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, white water kayaking, gardening and eating good food. He hopes to soon pursue a master’s degree in environmental education.

Isabella graduated from Dartmouth. In her collegiate experience she loved learning French and German, and living in both countries. Afterwards, she lived in a small rural town surrounded by mountain ranges where she enjoyed math teacher training, self-studying entrepreneurialism and spending time in the mountains via outdoor sports. She has learned about the natural world through hands-on outdoor leadership trainings, gardening classes and mountaineering club courses. Her passions include raw foods, pilates, yoga, and warm water scuba diving. Currently, she is creating a homestead with her husband.


  1. Tree on June 3, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    Great article. Impressive line up of counselors. Well done Amanda. Well done VINS.

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