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VINS and iNaturalist

by Anna AutilioLead Environmental Educator Have you gotten into iNaturalist yet? At VINS, this citizen science project has become a favorite downtime activity for our staff. When someone spots a new wildflower blooming in the meadow, you can see at least a few of us up there with our phones out, taking pictures to document the sighting…

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Part 2: Re-nesting Great Horned Owls in Rutland, VT

By Nathan ThoeleEnvironmental EducatorTwo days after finding the colony of nests, the second Great Horned Owlet, and at least one parent, our team (Peter, Grae, and myself) returned to the nest site at the College of St. Joseph. With a ridiculously long and heavy ladder, a laundry basket, some paracord, scale, some nets, and the…

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Part 1: Re-nesting Great Horned Owls in Rutland, VT

By Anna AutilioEnvironmental Educator Spring means many things in Vermont, and for the Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation (CWBR) at VINS, it means the beginning of baby bird season. As early as the second week of April, some local species already have new families well underway. Dick and Ann showed up at CWBR on April…

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