Rough-legged Hawk Movement Update 4.18.22

Jim Armbruster – Field Research Coordinator

Spring may finally be upon us, despite forecasts calling for snow in the coming week, and our Rough-legged Hawks are back in Canada continuing to move north for breeding in the arctic. Some of the birds we were tracking made short trial runs across the border but quickly came back into Vermont where they stayed until the last couple of weeks. Now they all seem determined to finish their migration for the warmer months. The map below shows the path three birds have taken and their current locations, shown by a green plus sign. One bird is near Riviere-du-Loup, near the top right corner of the image, and one bird is barely across the border, while the third bird is just northeast of Montreal. We may lose contact with these birds as they move farther north but will hopefully re-establish connection when they return next winter.

A map depicting the movement and current location of the three Rough-legged Hawks, Jersey, Lemon, and Champ.

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