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Rough-legged Hawk Movement Update 4.18.22

Spring may finally be upon us, despite forecasts calling for snow in the coming week, and our Rough-legged Hawks are back in Canada continuing to move north for breeding in the arctic.

VINS & Landmark College Collaboration Reflection

Landmark students set out to uncover the mystery of how many sex chromosomes individual birds contain in their cells and ultimately, run gel electrophoresis to determine the sex of some of VINS Raptor Ambassadors.

Winter Raptor Research Updates From the Field – Season 2 Wrap Up

As fast as winter began, our winter raptor surveys have finished! We had a great few months looking for birds of prey in Addison County, with lots of snow cover and consistent cold temperatures. 

2021 Rehabilitation Success Stories

Rehabilitation staff. Consider making a donation to VINS on Giving Tuesday (November 30, 2021) to support the care of injured and orphaned wild birds.

Weybridge Osprey

VINS Staff is excited to announce the successful renesting and fledging of an injured nestling osprey that came to VINS after being found on the ground post nest destruction from a storm.

Winter Raptor Research Updates From the Field – Season Wrap Up

With spring in full swing we have officially wrapped up our winter raptor field season. Both Middlebury and Goodrich have been reliably checking in and sending location data for us to analyze. So far each bird has revealed drastically different movement patterns.

Winter Raptor Research Updates From the Field – Week 3

The last few weeks have been excellent for winter bird watching. Since our transmitters are arriving later than expected, we’ve decided to change strategies and set up standardized survey routes. While we’re mostly focusing on raptors, we love all birds and can’t help but stop and watch some of the large flocks of winter birds we’ve been seeing too.

Center for Wild Bird Rehab -Looking Back on 2020

VINS Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation has experienced its busiest year yet, receiving a total of 1,025 patients.

Winter Raptor Research Updates From the Field – Week 2

We’re still waiting for all our materials to come in, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting in the field. We went out recently for another round of trapping with our partner from Cornell, Bryce Robinson, to find another abieticola (a subspecies of red-tailed hawks).

Similar to our prior outing, we didn’t catch a bird until late in the day. Just as the sun set over the fields, our research coordinator Jim made one more attempt before we called it a day and this beautiful bird came to the trap.

Winter Raptor Research Updates From the Field – Week 1

For the past few weeks, our research team has been searching for red-tailed hawks throughout Addison County in preparation for trapping. While this gave us a good idea of where to look, we quickly learned that it is important to stay flexible, and most of all, patient.