VINS Research Updates

Broad-winged Hawk

by Jim Armbruster, Lead, Center for Field Research Some exciting updates from the research world! Broad-winged Hawk Monitoring The VINS Field Research team trapped and banded our first Broad-winged Hawk of the season at the end of April. An After Hatch Year (AHY) bird was encountered in Norwich, Vermont in close proximity to a mate.…

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Remarkable Reptiles – A New Exhibit


By Chris Collier, Senior Director, Operations & Exhibits VINS new exhibit – Scales and Shells: Remarkable Reptiles – is in a new location (next to the Birds Are Dinosaurs exhibit in the Neale Pavilion), which provides our reptile ambassadors much larger, updated, bioactive enclosures. While most well-known for our avian ambassadors, VINS is currently home…

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Locating Broad-winged Hawk Nesting Sites

Broad-winged Hawks

by Jim Armbruster, Lead, Center for Field Research This summer VINS will be focusing on locating Broad-winged Hawk (BWHA) nesting sites with the hopes to trap and band at least six of them with GPS trackers like we did with Ottuaquechee, a female BWHA. There is little known about BWHA’s and our efforts will help…

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American Kestrels Return

American Kestrels

by Jim Armbruster, Lead, Center for Field Research Some exciting news in the American Kestrel world! The VINS Research team is certain that a female kestrel we banded last year (pictured on the left) has returned to a nest box in Vermont with her mate (this will be confirmed by making sure she has a green…

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The Wild Places – Book Recommendation

The Wild Places

Charles F. Rattigan – VINS Executive Director The ‘wilderness” books I’ve read include Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness and John Muir’s Steep Trails and I recommend both of these thought-provoking and mystical accounts of spending time in a quest to be truly in nature.  These are first-hand accounts of the experience…

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The Arbornaut – Book Recommendation

Charles F. Rattigan – VINS Executive Director I have a special affection for Dr. Margaret Lowman, Canopy Meg.  Meg is an American biologist, educator, writer, and tireless advocate for trees, forests and their preservation. I first met her in 2010 when I was making field guide apps for smart devices (the iPhone).  Meg was teaching…

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VINS Constructs a New Commissary

New Commissary

Chris Collier – Senior Director, Operations & Exhibits VINS is excited to construct a new commissary and add to our ambassador raptor enclosures to facilitate both our increased biosecurity due to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), and an increased number of ambassador raptors to support our on-site and outreach education programs. With the increase of…

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The Invention of Nature – Book Review

Invention of Nature

Charles F. Rattigan – VINS Executive Director Recently, I was asked to share some recommendations of books that are particularly important to my understanding of nature and the role that humans play in shaping the environment through actions that either harm or sustain the natural world.  I thought for this first effort, I’d recommend what…

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Flying Squirrel Vocalizations

Flying Squirrel

VINS is partnering with Dartmouth College to study flying squirrel vocalizations. The VINS Nature Center was chosen as a perfect location because of numerous and consistent sightings of flying squirrels. VINS research staff and Dartmouth researchers collected several individuals using live traps and specially designed platforms from the woods around the property. Researchers also utilized…

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Remembering VINS’ Recent Past


What do you like about working at VINS that has kept you here for so many years? LC: I love the people that I work with. I think we’re a good team, and we’re accepting of everyone’s new ideas. I also love working with the public and listening to their stories, especially during our private…

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