VINS Volunteer Transporter Training

by Lauren Adams
Lead Wildlife Keeper
Love animals?  Live in Vermont or New Hampshire?  Have a car?  Have some flexibility in your schedule?  We need you!  Help VINS rescue and rehabilitate injured wild birds by being a volunteer transporter!
Every year, VINS rescues and rehabilitates around 500 wild birds from all over the state of Vermont.  All of these birds make it to us because someone sees them get hurt or finds them not looking quite right during the course of their normal day.  Usually, they call VINS and we determine the best way to get the bird help.  In most cases, the rescuer is able to box up the bird and transport it to VINS where we can evaluate and treat the injuries.  The best chance a bird has to recover and be healthy enough for release back into the wild is to get to VINS as soon as possible.  If a rescuer is unable to transport the bird they’ve found to us, that is where our transporters come in. 
We are continually touched by the willingness of people to go out of their way to help an animal in need in whatever capacity they are able.  From the volunteers who spend one day a week here helping us feed, clean and care for our animals, to the kind people who find a bird by the side of the road and drop everything to get it help, it warms my heart to know that there are people all over who care about animals as much as we do here at VINS. 
There are so many ways to support VINS and our mission, even if you live far away, have a busy schedule, or don’t know quite where to start.  If you are interested in being a transport volunteer, you are encouraged to attend our transporter training on Sunday, December 3, here at VINS. The training is not required, but provides a lot of helpful information and resources.  The more transport options that we have across the state, especially in remote areas, the better we are able to help Vermont’s wildlife.

Join us for the training if you can!

Sunday, December 3, 2017
1pm-3pm in the VINS Classroom
Vermont Institute of Natural Science
149 Natures Way, Quechee, VT 05059

Please contact Lauren Adams for any questions: 
ladams@vinsweb.orgor 802-359-5001 ext. 218


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