Time to Fly

Remember those three big, awkward raven babies? Well, the ravens brought into our care back in April are now full-grown and ready to go.

These young birds were brought to us after a logger disrupted their nest when he cut down their tree. A kind-hearted man, the logger brought the birds to VINS’ Wildlife Services department once it was clear the birds could not be re-nested and needed help to survive. Read more about their story and see photos and videos of the birds as babies here.

The corvid trio is now in our flight cage, where they are flying about, foraging for food and loudly squawking. Soon, we’ll release them back into the wild where they will likely continue to live together, possibly parting to find mates.

In the photo above, one of the ravens flies through our outdoor flight cage.


  1. Anonymous on June 11, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Good news Meghan. And boy, that was a short time from baby to full-grown raven. If only human offspring grew up and flew the nest as quickly.

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