The Fab Five

Five baby goldfinches made their way to VINS Wildlife Services last week. The little birds were brought to VINS when the tree the goldfinch family was nesting in was cut down.

Received as nestlings, this quintet of black and gold cuties is beginning to fledge… causing just a bit of chaos (and lots of laughter) in our baby bird room. Watch our video posted here to see how challenging it can be to feed five fledgling goldfinches.

Goldfinches are known to have broods late in the summer, when the thistle and aster — a common food for goldfinches — is in bloom. These small birds have a light and chipper contact call, which some say sounds almost like “potato chip! potato chip!”

The birds will likely remain in our care for another few weeks or so, being released back into the wild once we observe them all eating on their own and flying well in the songbird aviary. Don’t forget to see the fab five in action!

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