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Oh, Baby!

They’re oh-so-tiny. Maybe not even fully feathered. They can’t even fly yet. They are out of the nest and on the ground. They’re baby birds. They’re helpless. They need my help! Wait! Not so fast! Just because a baby bird is a baby does not mean the bird needs your help. The desire to help…

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Why Mess with Nature?

People often ask me why we rehabilitate wild birds. Some believe rehabilitators interfere with nature, and that it’s natural for a bird to sustain an injury or become ill. I agree that illness, injuries and death are all a part of nature. But I don’t feel there is anything natural about a wild bird being…

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Silent Spring: Salmonella in Songbirds

I finally heard red-winged blackbirds trilling away earlier this week. Patches of brown grass are surfacing through melted snow. And my dirt road is a slippery mud pit, cratered with brutal potholes and riveted with tire marks deep enough to sway the intended direction of your car. There’s no doubt about it: Spring is here…

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