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Hanover High School Kestrel Boxes

Students in the woodworking class at Hanover High School recently completed construction of several American Kestrel boxes, which they then donated to the VINS kestrel monitoring project. Using a completed box as a model, the students were able to draw up plans to build their own boxes using materials that were already available in their…

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2018 in Wild Bird Rehabilitation

By Lauren Adams Lead Wildlife Keeper 2018 was a big year at VINS for a lot of reasons.  Here in the Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation, you may not have been able to tell from the outside, but we had a LOT going on inside our little building.  Around the middle of the summer, it…

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The Fab Four: Meet Our New Birds!

by Anna Autilio Lead, Environmental Educator This summer, VINS was fortunate to welcome a whopping four new birds to the education team. We are excited to introduce you to them, and look forward to your meeting them eye-to-eye as raptor ambassadors! Miami, the Eastern Screech Owl When next you come to VINS, keep your eyes…

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