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Winter Storm: Snowy Owl

by Anna Autilio Lead, Environmental Educator VINS Ambassador “Snowy” – Allegra Boverman Winter has barely begun, and it is already shaping up to be another Snowy Owl irruption year! These stunning, mysterious arctic visitors will find themselves looking farther than usual for a wide, expanse of hunting ground to pass the winter, delighting those of…

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VINS Volunteer Transporter Training

by Lauren Adams Lead Wildlife Keeper Love animals?  Live in Vermont or New Hampshire?  Have a car?  Have some flexibility in your schedule?  We need you!  Help VINS rescue and rehabilitate injured wild birds by being a volunteer transporter! Every year, VINS rescues and rehabilitates around 500 wild birds from all over the state of…

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How Do You Talk With Owls: Flustered

by aJbishopCWBR Volunteer I have the keys to their enclosures. The raptors. I open them, one at a time, and do service for owls and hawks and eagles and falcons. I rake and clean and water while they, wild talon shod birds, study my every move. As I work, I can’t help but ask: how…

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