So long, mergs!

VINS’ Katie Christman releases two mergansers.
Remember those two adorable baby mergansers, the orphans from separate nests that were paired up together while they received care here at VINS?
Well, guess what? Those little babies are now all grown up and were just released back into the wild (together!) at a local pond.  

When baby birds are orphaned, staff and volunteers at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science raise the birds until they are ready to fend for themselves in the wild (where they belong). But don’t try this at home! Not only it is illegal to raise wild birds in your home, baby birds require very specialized care that is challenging — even for us professionals — to replicate out of the wild. Leave the orphaned bird care to your local wildlife rehabilitator. The birds will thank you!

The mergansers swim their way back to life in the wild.

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