Sitting in food is fun!

Baby mergansers in their food dish.
These two orphaned common mergansers — both from separate clutches from different parts of Vermont — have found sanctuary here at VINS. The mergs were somehow separated from their parents and were unable to be reunited with their families. 

So, we’re taking over as Merg Mom and Dad, feeding the little guys throughout the day, providing them fresh duckweed, mealworms, and all sorts of aquatic critters to eat. We’ll care for these youngsters until they fledge and can fend for themselves in the wild. (And yes, they will be released together).
As you can see from the photos above, baby waterfowl like to sit in their food! Sometimes will find them floating in their dish of duckweed. Check back here for updates on this duo, and stories about other baby birds in our care!

And don’t forget to watch the merganser video!

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