She’s Free as a Bird Now

Last Friday, Vermont got another free bird. See a video of this owl’s return to the wild.

It took 46 days for this barred owl to mend in the Vermont Institute of Natural Science’s avian rehabilitation center, but it was worth the wait to see her fly away again on April 15th. After being hit by a vehicle along I-91, the owl, assumed to be female due to her large size, was brought to VINS on March 1st. She was treated for head trauma and eye damage with a combination of homeopathic remedies and traditional veterinary medicines.

Once she started eating well on her own, and the cloudiness in her eyes cleared, she was tested for flight and the ability to catch live prey. Since there was damage to her eyes we needed to be sure she could still see well enough to catch a live mouse before she was released. After passing both her tests it was time to say goodbye and watch this former patient make her way back to the Vermont wilderness.

Check out our video of the barred owl’s first free flight in 46 days.

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