Rough-legged Hawk Spring 2022 Movement Updates

Jim Armbruster – Field Research Coordinator

Spring migration is just beginning across the state and birds are on the move! So far though it seems some of the Rough-legged Hawks in our study have decided not to head back to the arctic quite yet. Two birds have begun moving north but only one has crossed the border (image 1). The second has ended up back in Vermont about six miles from where we first encountered her (image 3). A third bird has primarily stayed in Vermont and is still located in a field where she was first found (image 5). For movement updates on Rough-legged Hawks across their range check out the latest updates from the Rough-legged Hawk Project found here.

Image 1 Map of Jersey’s travels
Image 2 Jersey Photo N. Paprocki
Image 3 Map of Lemons’ travels
Image 4 Lemons
Image 5 Map of Champ’s winter home range
Image 6 Champ

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