Red-tail on the Move

A red-tailed hawk was found in Hartland, Vermont … in a chicken coop! The emaciated raptor was going after a family’s chicken, became entangled in the coop, and needed rescue. Watch a video of the hawk!

Upon exam, VINS staff found the hawk to be emaciated — very thin and underweight — and had internal parasites. We treated the parasites with medication, and are in the process of getting the bird up to a healthy weight. 

Above, getting the hawk out of her enclosure. Below, handling the hawk before moving her outside.

The red-tail in her outdoor enclosure.

Today, the hawk got moved from her small indoor enclosure to an outdoor enclosure much larger in size. Here she will be able to stretch her wings, fly up to several perches, and begin working her muscles. Soon she will be moved into our very large flight cage, where we can monitor her flight ability and decide if she is ready to return to her life in the wild.

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