Oh, They Grow So Fast

Many people have been asking about our young great horned owl, featured a few posts ago in Welcome to Vermont, Baby Owl!

Well, the owlet is now out in our flight cage where he can begin to practice flying. While it’s hard to believe just a month ago this owl was a downy ball of fluff not much bigger than a grapefruit, he is now adult-sized with an impressive wingspan. He is, however, still sporting many downy feathers.

The owlet remains with his foster mom — our great horned owl from our exhibits — and the two can be found perching together at all times.
Take a look at the photos and compare them to the blog pictures of his earlier days here at VINS. What a difference!


  1. Linda Conrad on May 28, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    Thank you for letting us all behind the scenes to see the progress!

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