Nest Watch Update – July 2016

By Anna Autilio
Environmental Educator

The nestboxes are empty again as the breeding season passes us faster than a Tree Swallow can fly! While monitoring our boxes for Project NestWatch, we here at VINS were lucky enough to see 7 Tree Swallow families and 1 House Wren family raise between 1 and 6 young birds each. Here is the season summary:

                16 boxes available

    10 active nests

                50 eggs laid
                44 young hatched
                33 young fledged
                House Wren Hatch Date: 7/ 8 June
                House Wren Fledge Date: 26/27 June
                Tree Swallow Hatch Date: 8 – 15 June
                Tree Swallow Fledge Date: 30 June – 7 July

There are still some baby birds yet to come, as some species prefer to nest later in the summer. Keep an eye out for American Goldfinches, which may only start nesting in late July, and Mourning Doves. Northern Cardinals and American Robins may have multiple clutches throughout the summer.

Also remember that fledglings, or young birds who have just left the nest, may not be the most experienced fliers yet. They are often seen on the ground, fluttering and looking lost, but most of the time their parents are right nearby, hiding from humans but providing food for the quickly growing baby until it can master the wind.

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