Nest Box Monitoring

by Jim Armbruster, Lead, Center for Field Research

The VINS Research team have 13 successful American Kestrel nest boxes this year that we have been monitoring: 2 of which were already successful with all 5 eggs hatching; 3 of the nests were successful with 4 egg hatches, and the remaining boxes are still being monitored for when the nestlings will be ready to band. We have a total of 22 nestlings that are banded and being monitored for when they fledge.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a host home for an American Kestrel nest box, please reach out to VINS Research Biologist Emily Blaikie at

We’ve also had success in finding 5 Broad-winged Hawk nests this year. We will be partnering with Hawk Mountain during the first week of July in hopes to attach GPS units to the females of these nests. We are continuing to monitor 2 more potential nest sites as we are looking to get at least 6 nests.

If you or someone you know has been seeing a pair of Broad-winged Hawks in your backyard and would be open to us surveying your property for a nest, please let us know by contacting VINS Lead Field Research Biologist, Jim Armbruster at

Photo credits: Research Biologist Emily Blaikie, Research Specialist Biz Austin, Lead Field Research Biologist Jim Armbruster

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