Moving Right Along

The bald eagle currently in our care after being shot with a shotgun is one step closer to the possibility of returning to the wild. See a video of the eagle being released into our flight cage.

On Friday, we moved the eagle from his indoor enclosure into our large, outdoor flight cage. The fracture site in his right wing has completely healed, and he’s due for some exercise and fresh air. There he will exercise and regain his strength, and we’ll be able to see how the shotgun blast may have altered his flight.

He took his first flight — albeit a bit wobbly — when Wildlife Services staff members released him from their arms into the enclosure. We were delighted to see this large raptor spread his wings and take flight with a few powerful flaps. See for yourself in our video! In the photos below, the eagle is released into the flight cage by VINS Wildlife Services staff members.

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