Luck of the Loon

A common loon had the good luck of being found by a local Vermont man after the bird became grounded. The bird was under the scoreboard of the Otter Valley Union High School football field in Brandon — not your typical loon hangout. Loons — who must be in water to take off for flight — often become “grounded,” or stuck on land, when they land on a surface other than water.

Watch a video of the loon’s release!

Loons are deep divers who use their powerful legs to propel themselves beneath the water’s surface to hunt for fish and other edible critters. Their legs are far back on their bodies near their tails, aiding in their diving skills, but making them poor land walkers. Loons who become grounded are often found hobbling around, trying to get back to a body of water. VINS has seen many grounded loons brought into our care over the years. Remember the Christmas loon? How about this loon, from way back in 2009?

Luckily, this grounded loon had only a nick on his left foot, but was otherwise healthy. We’ve been surprised that so many of the loons who have come in for care are simply grounded and barely need any treatment. Must be the luck of the loon.

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