Hello, little MODO!

This mourning dove (or “MODO”, as we like to call them around here) endured a savage attack by a cat, causing tissue damage, missing feathers, and loss of blood. 

Watch a video of this MODO’s care!

Luckily, the bird was brought quickly to VINS, where we could clean his wounds and bandage him up. Most importantly, we were able to start the bird on an antibiotic. There is a bacteria in cat saliva that is toxic to birds, so it is very important that birds who are attacked by cats — no matter how small the bite! — are brought to a rehabilitator for care.

Above, VINS staff Calah Beckwith (left) and Lauren DiBiccari administer medication to the injured mourning dove.

We are changing the dove’s bandages every other day, and giving him plenty of food and water, and a warm place to bed down. We hope this lovely bird makes it!

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