Goodbye, VINS!

Releasing a barred owl back into the wild.

Today I had the chance to release a barred owl who came to VINS in February after being struck by a car. This will be the last bird I release for VINS, as my time here in the wildlife rehabilitation department comes to a close.

Watch a video of the owl’s release!

I’ve been working at VINS for five years now, caring for all sorts of birds — from nestling cedar waxwings and baby robins, to great blue herons and bald eagles. Every bird has been special and important, but some patients I remember more than others, like the osprey with vision problems who we tried desperately to save, but couldn’t. Or the little hummingbird who came in with what the presenter thought were injured wings, but it turned out the hummer just had some spiderwebs wrapped around his feathers (that’s how tiny hummingbirds are; spiderwebs can prevent them from flapping their wings!).

Beyond the beloved birds, the people I’ve met here at VINS have made my time here so special. Staff and interns, like Sara E., Calah, Lauren, Sarah S., Katie, Noella, Jenna, Hannah, and Chris (and all the other interns I’ve met along the way). Volunteers like Jack, Betsy, Marjory, Peg, Jeff, Lilah, Duff, Pat, and Sara have been so fun to work with and get to know. Thank you all for a wonderful five years here at VINS.

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