Good as New

This young American crow first came to VINS on May 28th, 2011. He had become tangled in a fence and his leg was snapped, right between what is equivalent to our knee and ankle. He happens to be a very popular little bird, too. Not only did three humans work together to remove him from the fence, but his whole family group (called a ‘murder’) dive-bombed the rescuers in an attempt to protect the little guy.

Once he was safe at VINS, though, we realized we must work quickly. Since he is a growing bird it was essential that we set a straight splint immediately. Birds this age grow extremely quickly, and if we left the splint off for even a day the bone may have set improperly.

Luckily, we got a splint on his leg and after two weeks the bone has set and strengthened so we removed
the splint for good today. We will keep him for a bit longer to make sure he can still perch and begins feeding himself regularly. Not only have we been tending his broken bone here at VINS, we have been acting as foster parents and feeding the crow every hour. Now that his leg has healed we are hoping he will take food more easily and we will be able to release him soon!

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