Fixin’ Falcon Feet

A peregrine falcon is temporarily receiving care at VINS after staff noticed early signs of bumblefoot in both of her feet. 

Watch a video of this bird’s wound care.

Bumblefoot, which can have a number of causes, is an infection and inflammation in birds’ feet that can be fatal if not treated. 

The bird, who was successfully treated by another Vermont rehabilitator for a fractured wing, is receiving regular wound care on both of her feet, which entails cleaning her feet with a special solution and bandaging them up. While the falcon doesn’t love her wound care, she is taking it all in stride — eating her meals right after treatment and flapping about in her enclosure.

This falcon’s feet are wrapped in green bandages as her feet heal from bumblefoot.

Once this gal’s feet are fully healed, we’ll move her into our large raptor flight cage where we can watch her fly and be sure her previous wing injury won’t affect her flight. Peregrines are the fastest animals on earth, and their wings must be in top condition for them to fly and stoop at the speeds they do in the wild, for it is in flight that peregrines catch their prey.

We have a good feeling this beautiful raptor will make a full recovery — thanks to the good work of another rehabilitator, the expert care of VINS staff, and the bird’s will to live.

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