Farewell to Neddick

By Lindsay Garrett

Honoring the Legacy of Our Red-tailed Hawk Ambassador

At VINS, working with wildlife brings us immense joy, but also moments of deep heartache. It is with this sentiment that we share the news of the passing of Neddick, our beloved Red-tailed Hawk ambassador.

Grae, VINS Director of the Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation and Ambassador Care, reflects: “Thanks to our dedicated staff and volunteers, Neddick helped educate thousands about Red-tailed Hawks and their importance to the natural world. While the exhibit hall is much quieter these days, I’m comforted knowing we gave Neddick and continue to give all of the birds at VINS the best life possible and that’s again thanks to all the caring staff and volunteers who dedicate their days to making sure they are fed, clean, and healthy.”


Neddick’s journey with us began on August 13, 1998, after she arrived from the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine. She had been admitted on December 4, 1997, after being hit by a car, resulting in a right-wing injury near the elbow joint that didn’t heal well enough for release. Though capable of short flights, she became a glove-trained educational ambassador upon her arrival at VINS.

For 16 years, Neddick participated in educational programs with our Wildlife Ambassador Program team. Affectionately known as Little Red, she was significantly smaller than Bloomfield, our other educational ambassador Red-tailed Hawk, who was lovingly nicknamed Big Red. For many years, her smaller size led us to believe she was male.

In 2014, we retired Neddick from glove use. Once on exhibit, she appeared much more comfortable and even began building nests, laying eggs, and incubating them—revealing that Little Red was actually female! Neddick, at least 26 years old, was cherished by our staff, volunteers, and visitors. Her signature Red Tail scream will be deeply missed.

Farewell, Neddick. Thank you from all of us.

If you have a memory of Neddick from a visit to VINS, we would love for you to share it with us below.


  1. Karen of Boston on June 7, 2024 at 2:20 am

    Neddick was remarkable & so lucky to have had VINS to care for her & give her such a wonderful life. She was a delight on our regular visits and even loved her screaming KEEEER. Distinctive Red-tailed Hawk voice saying “ I’m an alpha predator”! She will be missed by many. Yet living till age ~26, including 16 years at VINS after her accident, is a lucky life for her and all who met her. Much quieter, indeed: sadly. Empathy.

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