Crow Allure

Apparently there are other crow-lovers out there like me — people who love the black feather, the dark eye and the wild antics of the American Crow. Crows, with their natural curiosity and bold attitude, can be found in riotous murders by the hundreds, or quietly perched atop a tall, roadside snag observing the local goings-on.

So inspired by past crows who have been patients in our rehabilitation department, VINS volunteer Liz Ross painted one. The painting featured here is based on a photo she took of our patients from the summer of 2009.

Last month, the VINS Wildlife Services department took in a young crow after it was attacked by two pet cats on a porch. The crow is in our care, eating on his own and beginning to fly. In the video, the crow is still in his indoor enclosure, but has since been moved to a larger enclosure outdoors, where he’s becoming acclimated to the weather and flying. We’ll keep him with us a bit longer until he is able to take on the wild himself.

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