Another Shot at Life

This Canada goose was brought to VINS August 24, spotted by a member of the public who noticed the bird was unable to fly.

The bird came to us emaciated and weak, but with no apparent injuries. We suspected lead poisoning might be the problem and upon x-ray, the VINS Wildlife Services department found the bird to be riddled with bird shot (see photo; x-ray courtesy of Kedron Valley Veterinary Clinic in Woodstock, VT), including a pellet from a pellet gun we believe contained lead. Luckily, the lead pellet was not in the bird’s gizzard, which would have caused severe lead poisoning. We did treat the bird for lead, and also with several medications to treat his heavy parasite load (most wild birds carry parasites).

After some rest, relaxation and plenty of eating, the goose was back to health. We released him back into the wild Sept. 17. You can see photos of his release below. Good luck, goose! Photos by VINS volunteer Chiara Centrangolo.

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