A Splint Success

Remember this juvenile American crow, whose leg we splinted after the bird came in with a fracture above his ankle? His tarsometatarsus (a bone in the bird’s leg) snapped in two after his leg became tangled in a fence.

Enjoy this video of our newly-healed crow in his enclosure, making the young crow noises we’ve all come to love here at VINS.

Since removing the splint we had applied to his fractured leg, this young bird is not only putting on weight and growing in new, healthy feathers, he is putting full weight on this previously fractured leg. He is perching, walking about and making short attempts at flight. The splint the VINS Wildlife Services team put on his leg proved successful!


  1. Jared on July 4, 2011 at 2:04 am

    He really is kinda awkwardly charming and charismatic.

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