A Mighty Flight

The juvenile bald eagle we released Friday is the talk of the town… and then some! Thanks to local and national media coverage, our eagle’s release made the airwaves and print throughout the country.

Once considered an endangered species, it’s big news when an eagle makes such a grand recovery.
In our video of the eagle’s release on the Connecticut River in Vermont, VINS President John Dolan gives a little background on our raptor patient, while U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Sal Amato discusses the investigation into the bird’s shooting. Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s Wildlife BiologistJohn Buck, who was in attendance at the Oct. 28 event, was instrumental in coordinating the bird’s release and is assisting the federal agency with the investigation.

See (and hear!) the eagle flap his enormous wings as VINS staff members Sara Eisenhauer and Kasey Hopkins release the young male raptor back into his home: the wild. Enjoy!

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