A Bird’s Best Friend

VINS’ volunteer carpenter, Peter Mitchell, has done it again. He’s volunteered his hard work and time to build us brand new enclosures for our wild bird patients. His dedication to making Wildlife Services, our rehabilitation department, the best it can be has made him a bird’s best friend (and ours, too!)

This spring, Peter constructed an addition to our raptor flight cage. The flight cage is where raptors (owls, hawks, osprey, etc.) and other large birds spend their last days before being released back into the wild. In the flight cage, we can monitor birds’ flight abilities and allow them to work their muscles to regain strength. A contribution from a long-time VINS donor made the construction of the addition possible.

The addition to the flight cage includes 3 separate raptor and waterfowl enclosures that can open into each other, as well as open into the flight cage. That way, we can house birds separately, or allow them to fly through the 3 enclosures and/or into the flight cage. The addition will allow us to house more birds outdoors as they progress through rehabilitation — getting them back to the wild more quickly. It’s a rehabilitator’s dream! And we think the injured raptors who go through our rehab program will find the new enclosures just delightful.

In the photo above, Peter works on the flight cage addition back in March. Below, Peter puts in the final screw to the addition May 26, and beneath that: the completed flight cage addition.


  1. Anonymous on May 28, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Thank you for featuring one of the most dedicated volunteer VINS could ever ask for! Thank you Peter for all of your hard work! We couldn't do what we do without volunteer support!


  2. Audrey on June 1, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    That looks awesome completed!

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