2023-2024 Trout in the Classroom Highlights

By Eleanor Hitchings, Science Educator

Thank you!

There are so many people who work together to make the magic of Trout in the Classroom happen.

Thank you to the teachers who took on this project – it’s not a small amount of work, but it brings so much to your classroom and your students. You are rock stars!

Thank you to Trout Unlimited for supporting the teacher workshop in November and for being the backdrop that makes this program possible.

Thank you to Jeremy and Tom for providing eggs and sharing their expertise.

Thank you to the chapter coordinators and volunteers for their time, knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm. And a special thank you to Joe Mark for showing me the ropes this year.

Here are a few highlights:

Shaftsbury Elementary: Barry Mayer demonstrates Fly Tying

Proctor Elementary 5th Grade: They released into Sugar Hollow Brook where it flows through the Pittsford Recreation Area. They’re studying and classifying the macros they collected.

One boy proudly announced, “I’m going to be an ichthyologist.”  That was after I explained what entomologists, ichthyologists, and limnologists do. Another boy equally proudly announced, “I’m going to be a race car driver.” – Joe Mark, Chapter Coordinator for Southwestern Vermont

Flood Brook School: On May 13th we released 55 fingerlings into the Flood Brook. Warden Kyle Isherwood spoke to the students in the classroom, at the stream and presented certificates to the students on release day.

The Brattleboro Reformer Press Release: Grade 4, NewBrook Elementary School, teacher Jason Gragen
Starting in January, the NewBrook 4th graders raised brook trout from eggs to fingerlings. OVer the course of the past several months, the students monitored aquarium water quality, engaged in stream habitat studies, learned to appreciate water resources, investigated local watersheds, and made online journals entries focusing on ecosystems.

Throughout the past 9 years, Connecticut River Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited helped make this educational opportunity possible by providing financial support and having members volunteering their time. Paul Gudewicz traveled to the hatchery to pick up our Brook Trout eggs for this project and Jack Widness joined us to help with our Release Day. Today, 13 students from the towns of Brookline and Newfane travelled to Grassy Brook culminating this conservation project by becoming stewards for one of the many tributaries in the West River Valley.

Maple Street School Release Day: “Students paired with their buddies and released 80 trout into Munson Brook this past Wednesday! It was a beautiful day and a nice way to end our study. Students are reflecting on what they learned now and compiling their observations throughout the program. It is amazing to hear how much they learned!” – Siobhan Murphy

The Dorset School, 5th and 6th Grade Release Day: “On Friday 5/31 we released 45 “brookies” into the Mettawee River tributary system! The students all did a fantastic job and I was very proud of their work! I also wanted to give a huge shout-out to all of the adults who helped make this day happen – TDS teachers/staff: Katherine Monahan, Sarah Barnwell, and Mariana Reichl, fearless parent chaperones: Todd Hjelt, Adam Danaher, Mario Lanzilotta, Wendy McCreight, and Tanya Casey, and property owners: John and Katja Redpath” – Karli Love, Math and Science Teacher

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