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Migrating Monarchs Tagged at VINS

by Jim ArmbrusterEnvironmental Educator A male Monarch butterfly on our datasheet. Have you ever watched a monarch butterfly struggling to fly on a breezy day and thought to yourself, “I wonder how they get where they want to go?” It might surprise you to know that in fact these butterflies can control their flights and…

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NestWatch 2018 Report

by Anna AutilioLead, Environmental Educator Nestling Eastern Bluebirds Another season of nesting birds at the VINS Nature Center is behind us, and the world is full of young fledglings learning to make their way in the wide open world. It was quite a busy summer here, between the rush of baby birds needing care at…

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VINS and iNaturalist

by Anna AutilioLead Environmental Educator Have you gotten into iNaturalist yet? At VINS, this citizen science project has become a favorite downtime activity for our staff. When someone spots a new wildflower blooming in the meadow, you can see at least a few of us up there with our phones out, taking pictures to document the sighting…

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